Best Wine Regions To Visit In Europe

Are you a wine lover? I mean who isn’t! So, if you want to experience the original taste of famous wines like the Champagne this list is for you.

Check out the best regions to visit across Europe famed for their wine!

Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is located in central Italy and is one of the country’s most beautiful places to visit. The region’s capital, Florence makes Tuscany a tourist attraction for travelers worldwide because it has to offer so much considering the city is an artistic treasure.

In Tuscany, you will enjoy some of Italy’s finest wines while gazing at some stunning landscapes featuring beautiful vineyards, wine farms, small churches, and other picturesque scenery. You will also find what the Mediterranean climate has to offer such as remarkable sunsets and crystal-clear waters.

Bordeaux, France

If you are a red wine lover you have to visit Bordeaux, France’s most popular wine region. The city is a paradise for wine lovers, everywhere you look you spot small and bigger vineyards and wine properties.

In the Bordeaux region, you can take wine tasting to the next level and enjoy countless different wines from unknown local brands to brands popular all over the world. Take these wine tasting classes and learn about the history of the wine in France while experiencing conflicting wine flavors.

A must-visit in Bordeaux is the small historic village of Saint-Emilion which is known for its superb wine. The medieval village is actually listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

La Rioja, Spain

A small region in northern Spain, La Rioja is famous for Tempranillo, Spain’s noble grape as well as its delicious and numerous wines. The region is full of mountainous areas which give a distinct taste to the local wines. The wines are kept for a long time aging in wine barrels and that for sure gives an elegant taste. Combine wine tasting with Spanish tapas and you will experience the Spanish cuisine in full.

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Douro Valley, Portugal

Take a trip from the city of Porto to Miranda do Douro, the place where table wines and the original Port wines are produced for centuries. On your trip, you will enjoy magical landscapes with vineyards on hillsides, amazing river views, and small graphic villages. Tour the region, going from village to village, and explore vineyards where the wine is produced and aged.

You will find a variety of wines to taste in local cellars. You will taste the real Port wine as this the place it is originally produced for centuries. These types of red wines are typically sweeter and often are referred to as nectar. 

Mosel, Germany

Travel to Mosel in Germany to taste some extraordinary German wine which has been produced there for centuries. While Germany is often associated with beer and not wine, in this area you can find some amazing and delicious wines and learn about the winemaking history of the whole country. Explore the region of Mosel and its scenic landscapes and taste the famous signature German wine, the Riesling.

Piedmont, Italy

Piedmont is located in northwestern Italy close to the borders of France and Switzerland. Piedmont is a mountainous area (means the foot of the mountain) as it is surrounded by the Alps. That gives a fantastic feel to the landscapes which feature castles and numerous small but wonderful traditional Italian villages and.

The place is full of vineyards that tell their own story. Go ahead and sample the local wines like the famous Barbaresco and Barolo and other somewhat unknown but tasty wines. You can easily travel through the region by train.

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Champagne, France

The region of Champagne-Ardenne is famous worldwide for its wine tradition and history. The history of French wine spreads across the region wherever vineyards and cellars can be found. The region is located in the northeast of France and is the most eponymous region for quality wine in the country if not all Europe.

Discover the original wine in villages or cities and experience the French wine culture. Get to taste the well-known bubbly wine from the main grapes that grow there exclusively. 

The region is easily accessible as it is close to the country’s capital, Paris. While you are there visit wineries and cellars to experience the whole process of wine production and of course taste the wine straight from the barrels. 

Moravia, Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is most famous for its beers and not the wine. But, the region of Moravia provides an exception. Moravia is on the east side of the country and produces some fine wine. Try the local delicious wine with some Czech food and you will be thrilled.

Also, experience the culture and history of the Czech Republic by visiting Brno and Prague, two of the country’s biggest cities which are not far away if you are traveling by train.