Things To Do In Cape Town

There are many exciting things to do in Cape Town, from hiking and enjoying amazing views to strolling around the city’s beautiful streets and learning more about the history of the country. Take a look at this list of the must-visit places in Cape Town:

Table Mountain

Table Mountain is believed to be one of the oldest mountains in the world and is also a great challenge. The view of Table Mountain from Cape Town is truly amazing but wait until you see the view of the city from the very top of the Mountain! So, if you are lucky and no thick clouds are covering your spectacular view of the city, you will be able to witness an iconic setting of Cape Town and its surroundings.

If you are visiting Table Mountain a hike to the top is a must not just for the view but for the hike itself. Although, there is the option of an aerial cableway that takes you to the top of the mountain if your level of fitness is somewhat ok you could take the hike option and experience the landscape of the mountain in full. Note that it is for sure a decent workout!

There are multiple trails that you can take and it is recommended that you execute the hike with a group of people. Once you get to the top you can take the option of the cableway to get down. Don’t forget that weather is a significant factor of your choice because it can make your hike pretty difficult.


Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, the best place to explore South Africa’s rare flora and fauna along with admiring its beauty. Kirstenbosch was founded back in 1913 to preserve the country’s biodiversity and is home to over 7000 plant species and different animals like indigenous birds.

The Botanical Garden is a World Heritage Site and is located on the southern side of Table Mountain in the district of Newlands. Stroll through the garden and admire the amazing wildlife while enjoying the view of your surroundings.  

Kirstenbosch offers a place to calm your nerves from the crowds of Cape Town, a place where you can explore, stop for a picnic, and relax.

Boulders Beach

Not far away from Cape Town (approximately 40 minutes away by car) is the beautiful Boulders Beach famous for being the home of endangered penguins! The colony of penguins is protected but you can watch the little creatures swim (you can swim with them in some cases), walk around and even get pretty close to them. You should pay attention and only observe the penguins from a certain distance because they are indeed endangered.

Other than that Boulders Beach offers a great setting combining the sea and a rocky shoreline. You can walk across the coast, swim if the weather allows it, and enjoy a tasty meal at a local restaurant by the sea.

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Robben Island

Very close to the coastal line of Cape Town (just 7km away) in the shadow of Table Mountain is Robben Island. If you want to take a deep dive into the country’s history you have to visit the island. The island used to serve as a prison and it’s where Nelson Mandela served most of his 27-year sentence as well as many other political detainees did.

Take a ferry and visit the prison and the museum on the island, where actual past inmates will take you on a tour. The place has a significant role in South Africa’s history and is a reminder of the importance of respecting human rights. 

Kalk Bay

The Kalk Bay is a must-visit if you are in Cape Town. It’s a small fishing village but it’s the perfect place to spend a day! It offers buzzing cafes, many different shops, and amazing restaurants by the sea. The small town is charming and provides a great atmosphere unique in all of South Africa.

Grab yourself a one-of-a-kind small gift from the boutique shops and stroll around the vibrant streets. If you are lucky you might spot the famous Kalk Bay seals!

Lion’s Head

Other than Table Mountain there are other places equally amazing to hike and watch the sunrise or sunset. One of those places is Lion’s Head! The place combines a view of the Atlantic Sea, mountains, and the city of Cape Town.

You simply cannot miss this breathtaking view of the sun rising so get to the top but be careful as the hike can be difficult and it even involves some rock climbing. It is recommended that you go on this hike with a group of people. The beauty of the landscape is truly phenomenal once you get to the top.

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Cape Point

The Cape Point Peninsula is maybe the most iconic spot in whole South Africa. Your trip is not completed if you don’t take the time to visit Cape Point.

It is a place where the Atlantic sea meets rocky mountainous areas, creating a breathtaking setting for all tourists and travelers. Cape Point is the most southwestern part of Africa and provides some amazing ocean views.

Cape Point is a unique day-trip destination from Cape Town offering some pretty cool things to do like taking a hiking trail, enjoy the beach or swim, do some bird-watching as well as admire the South African flora and fauna. You will without a doubt have a great time!

Woodstock Street Art

Despite the South African anti-graffiti laws, the Woodstock district has a lot to show regarding street art. You can find incredible art on every street and corner. Admire amazing public artworks from talented people that give a unique feel to this emerging suburb.

The area has come a long way throughout the years and its look has changed a lot. Wander around the streets filled with stunning murals, and stop by local cafes and coffee shops. Also, there are some guided tours that you can take around the district.