6 Places To Visit In Italy

One of Europe’s top destinations, Italy! The country has certainly a lot to offer, from historical, cultural, and gastronomical point of view.

Here are the top 6 places you have to visit in Italy ranging from the capital Rome to romantic Venice!


Rome, the capital of Italy and the former capital of the great Roman Empire is notably one of the most famous cities in Europe and is considered a European Metropolis. Rome is located in the region of Lazio and really ticks all the boxes as the city is a center of history, religion, and culture. You could find yourself wandering around the streets as there is so much to do and explore in the city.

Rome is well-known for its historic background and attracts millions of visitors every year. The city is in existence for over 3000 million years. Being the former capital of the Roman Empire, Rome has a lot to offer regarding monuments, historic places, and museums. Some of the must-visit attractions are the Colosseum, the Forum of Augustus, and the Roman Forum and the list goes on.

As for the religious side of the city, the capital of Italy is considered to be the center of Catholic Christianity. You can visit the famous Vatican City. There you can see St. Peter’s Basilica and the Apostolic Palace.

And what about the cultural aspect of the city? Roam around the Old City of Rome to experience in full the Renaissance architecture and the numerous astonishing cathedrals. You will be impressed by the plazas and the ancient streets filled with shops and cafés.

Enjoy a famous espresso coffee!


Naples, a city full of life! A city where you can enjoy the famous traditional Napolitan cuisine and special dishes featuring spaghetti, pizza, and many more. Also, Naples cuisine is known for the delicious seafood recipes and mozzarella cheese.

The city is located in Southern Italy and is one of the most vibrant cities in the country. Naples is known as an amazing place providing outstanding views of landscapes, old streets, and castles. Tourists use Naples as a starting point for day-trips to several destinations such as Mt. Vesuvius, Pompeii, and the island of Capri.  

The city has its historic aspect as well. Some great sights being the Piazza del Plebiscito and the National Archaeological Museum.


Florence (Firenze) is one of Europe’s great art cities showcasing the Italian Renaissance in its full. With attractions like the Duomo and the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore Florence leaves a mark on world architecture.

In Florence, you will visit numerous art museums like Palace Pitti and Uffizi Gallery. There you will take a look at famous paintings from Botticelli and many other renowned artists as well as take a glance at breathtaking sculptures made by the likes of Michelangelo. You can’t invest enough time to see it all. So definitely, the city feels like a huge art museum but that’s not the only thing it has to offer.

There is more in Florence than just art museums and monuments. Stroll through the Boboli Gardens and enjoy a walk across the living city and its bursting shops while tasting a gelato. The city is small and pretty easy to navigate through so take your time to find a good traditional restaurant and enjoy the Italian cuisine.

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Milan differs in some ways from all the other famous Italian cities like Rome and Florence. It has a more like European style. The city has its own “taste”, it feels glamorous filled with modern architecture, vibrant crowds and special food. 

Milan is one of Europe’s wealthiest cities and is often referred to as a fashion and design center. The best place in Italy for shopping at designer shops featuring high-end brands like Prada, Gucci, and many more. In Milan, there are whole districts like the well-known Quadrilatero D’Oro where tourists can walk and observe fashion boutiques while shopping in outlet stores.

Milan has always been the place where Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and many others have lived and created. So the city is known for its artistic treasures like The Last Supper, the famous Da Vinci painting, and lots of architectural attractions like La Scala Opera House. 

The city is surrounded by palaces and churches. But, let’s not forget Il Duomo, Milan’s huge gothic style cathedral. It is located in the center of the city and is among the world’s most magnificent and largest churches.

Milan is a destination of its own, but being located in the northwestern part of Italy offers lots of additional trips around Italy. Some of the most famous destinations close to Milan are Florence, Venice, and Lake Como.


Venice, one of Europe’s unique travel destinations. The city is often described as magical and romantic and that derives from the fact that it is built differently. Venice gives the impression of hundreds of small islands all linked to each other with canals and bridges. The landscape is truly picturesque! The most famous of the canals is the Grand Canal which divides the city of Venice into two parts.

So if you want to experience Venice you’ve got to explore the beautiful city with a gondola ride along the different canals. There are no cars in Venice so to explore the city in full you have to do it on foot or maybe ride the “water taxis”.

Venice is also known for its historic architecture. Landmarks well worth visiting include Piazza San Marco, St. Mark’s Square, and Doge’s Palace which are some of the top tourist attractions of the city.

Lastly, Venice is famous for its Carnival festivals where the city is flooded with people from all over Italy and the world. The canals are full of brilliant costumes and hand-crafted masks which you should take as a souvenir.

Tourists traveling to Venice should be aware that the city regularly experiences high water incidents during spring and fall.