The Most Beautiful Castles In The World

Some of the most beautiful castles in the world along with their spectacular scenery are displayed in the list below.

Most of them are situated in Europe and have played a significant role for the specific country’s history. Today, they are magnificent sights for visitors coming from all over the globe to admire their beauty!

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle, a Scottish historic fortress perched on top of Castle Rock provides a breathtaking view of the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. It is located on top of an ancient volcano and is over 1100 years old. Its strategic location as for most Castles in the world allows visitors to enjoy the amazing landscapes of Scotland.

The Edinburgh Castle was besieged many times by Scottish and English during the First and Second Wars of Scottish Independence and it is reported that the Castle has “suffered” more than 26 attacks in its existence. The years of conflict between England and Scotland wrote a rich history for the Castle as it served as a royal residence, military garrison, and prison.

Inside the Castle are kept Britain’s oldest crown jewels (the Honours of Scotland). The Edinburgh Castle now serves mainly as a museum and remains a top attraction if you are visiting the capital of Scotland. As a visitor, enjoy the outstanding view of the city and take a guided tour of the Castle. To conclude, music concerts and different kinds of events are held inside the Castle throughout the year.

Vianden Castle, Luxembourg

Luxembourg, one of the smallest European cities has to offer an amazing medieval Castle, Vianden Castle. The Castel is located in the north of Luxembourg and is one of the largest fortified Castles west of the Rhine.

Like any other Castle, Vianden Castle has a strategic location sitting on top of a hill. Its position makes it more difficult to breach protecting the city from various enemy armies.

The Castle’s origins date from the 10th century. During the 11th to 14th century, the Castle was reconstructed in the Romanesque style and had some Gothic and Renaissance additions later on. The Castle was home to famous counts of Vianden who had strong links to the Royal Family of France and the German imperial court. In 1977, the Grand Duke granted it to the state ending a long period of the royal residence of the Castle.

Luxembourg is filled with beautiful Castles, some other notable ones are Bourscheid Castle and Castle Beaufort.

Trakai Island Castle, Lithuania

Trakai Island Castle, a large brick Castle on the small island of Lake Galve. The construction of the Castle began in the 14th century and served as a home of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania for many years as it was one of the main centers of the Lithuanian royalty. The fortification’s location is of strategic importance as it overlooks the city of Vilnius.

The Castle suffered significant damage when the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was defeated in the Battle of Grunwald by the Lithuanian-Polish army. Parts of the Trakai Castle were completely destroyed and the Castle lost its glory for a while. In the 17th century, it served as a prison. The Castle was rebuilt and reconstructed to recall its original old style and glory in the 1960s.

Visit the Trakai Island Castle to enjoy the wonderful view of the beautifully shaped landscape near the lake.

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Bodiam Castle, England

Numerous Castles are scattered across England like Windsor, Tower of London, and many more. Bodiam Castle is neither the largest nor the most famous in England but its beauty can be appreciated as it’s one of the most well-known medieval Castles in the whole world. It is a moated Castle constructed in the 14th century (1385) and is located in East Sussex.

The Castle was actually built in order to defend the area from the French invasion during the Hundred Years’ War and it was under the jurisdiction of a royal knight, Sir Edward Dalyngrigge. Approximately seven miles away is where the famous Battle of Hastings took place in 1066.

The Castle has nine towers that cover a square central courtyard surrounded by a large moat. Thick walls support inner and outer chambers but the interior is still damaged to this day. Also, let’s not forget the huge main gate of the Castle.

Bodiam Castle can be explored with a guided tour that features activities like archery, wearing medieval costumes, and many more.

Hohenwerfen Castle, Austria

Hohenwerfen Castle, sitting on top of a rocky mountain surrounded by the Berchtesgaden Alps and the Tennen Mountains, provides a surely stunning view. The medieval rock Castle is situated approximately 40 kilometers from the city of Salzburg in Austria.

The Castle was constructed during the 11th century and served as a fort, a military base, residence of royalty, and also a state prison. The fortification nowadays operates as a museum showcasing the history and the vast weapons collection.

Hohenwerfen Castle dominates the skyline of Austria and is a must-visit if someone wants to experience the fascinating history of the place and enjoy the breathtaking view of the mountains in the background as well as the valley of Salzach.

Windsor Castle, England

Notably, Windsor Castle is the largest fortification in England and for that reason is a must-visit destination for tourists coming from all over the world. Undisputedly the most famous Castle in England, Windsor Castle used to serve as a home to British royalty for hundreds of years. It is set to be the longest-occupied Castle in the world.

The Palace was constructed during the 11th century with a combination of Georgian, Victorian, and Baroque designs with some Gothic traits. The Castle was occupied since Henry The 1st ruled the country of Berkshire, in the early 12th century.

The Castle is enclosed in a fortification and also features a palace, and a small town. The utter size and scale of the royal residence as well as its history make it one of the most exceptional and most superior castles on Earth.

Windsor Castle is one of three official residences of the Queen and it is still fully operational and draws tourists from all over the world. A potential visit to the Castle will provide exposure to exciting and distinguished art pieces.

Corvin Castle, Romania

Romania is truly famous for its castles. The list of beautiful Castles continues with the tremendous Corvin Castle in Hunedoara, Romania which has been built in a Gothic-Renaissance style.

Corvin Castle is one of the largest fortifications in Europe and was constructed at the end of the Middle Age. The Castle served as a fortress and later became the residence of Transylvania’s royalty.

Perched on top of a hilltop the Castle overlooks the Zlasti River from its position and offers a breathtaking setting. The Castle features numerous tall towers, a courtyard, and countless beautifully decorated balconies and roofs.

The Castle is famous for its legends and myths that surround its reputation and has appeared in many television shows and films.

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Alcázar of Segovia, Spain

The Alcázar of Segovia or Segovia Fortress is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is located in the city of Segovia, Spain. It is a medieval Castle that sits on top of a rocky mountain overlooking two rivers and is a breath away from the Guadarrama mountains. 

The Alcázar of Segovia is an amazing Castle, one of Europe’s best and provides an amazing attraction for central Spain. It is known for its very distinctive shape as it resembles a bow of a ship.

The Castle was actually first built as a fortress and Roman fort but after hundreds of years, it evolved into a medieval Castle featuring a moat, a drawbridge, towers, and lots of well-designed chambers. Segovia Castle is famous for being the home of Queen Isabella and Phillip The II before the royal family moved to the capital of Spain. The Castle has also served as a royal palace, a state prison, and a military academy. It is currently used as a museum.

The Castle attracts many tourists every year and has a lot to offer like the breathtaking view of the original landscape surrounding it and its somewhat different outer design. Also, the Castle provides a tour that covers all the luxurious chambers and the magnificent collection of weapons and armory.

Bran Castle, Romania

Bran Castle simply can’t be out of this list. Romania has a vast amount of amazing medieval Castles. When someone thinks of Romania’s Castles his mind goes to Transylvania and Dracula, so Bran Castle or “Dracula’s Castle” as is commonly referred to as a national monument and landmark in Romania and is worth visiting. The fortress is located just 25 kilometers away from the city of Brasov.

The position of the Castle is on top of a former stronghold and was built in the early 13th century. The landscape around the Castle features a small forest as the fortification overlooks the small village of Bran.

Dracula’s Castle is definitely worth visiting for its architecture, underground passages, and countless rooms. The exploration of the inner Castle includes art and furniture from the collection of Queen Marie.

Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

Eilean Donan Castle is located in Scotland between three lochs (Loch Duich, Loch Long, and Loch Alsh) on an island. The Castle offers a clearly spectacular setting and is one of the most known medieval Castles in the whole world. The Castle “owes” some of its glamors to the film Highlander, which featured the Castle in multiple scenes.

The Castle was established in the 13th century but was unfortunately destroyed in the 18th century. The fortification was reconstructed to its today style later in the 20th century.

The Eilean Donan Castle is certainly one of the most recognizable medieval Castles on the globe.