Most Beautiful Villages In The World

You will find lots of different but pretty villages from all over the world showing their uniqueness and beautiful aspects. Eccentric small cities, isolated towns and fishing villages are all displayed in the upcoming list.

So go on take a look, here are some of the most beautiful villages in the world!

Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt, a historic village nestled between Lake Hallstatt and Dachstein Mountains offers a magnificent view and a picturesque landscape. Hallstatt is definitely one of Austria’s most photographed places and is a well-known salt mine that has operated for centuries. As indicated by its name Hallstatt means Domaine of salt and is one of the oldest salt mines in the world.

While you are there visit the interesting town museum to find out all about the background of the town and don’t forget to take some photos of the breathtaking view.

Gásadalur Village, Faroe Islands

Until 2003 Gásadalur village was unknown and with a population of only 20 people. But, after the rise of technology, tunnels were created linking the small village to the rest of the Faroe Islands. The village is now reachable with cars and that did significantly increase both tourists and the local population. The village is located in Mykines Island which is part of the Faroe archipelago.

The scenic village is placed at the edge of a cliff and offers an outstanding panoramic view of the sea. The setting is picturesque and Gásadalur village is without a doubt one of the most beautiful villages in the world.

Marsaxlokk, Malta

Marsaxlokk, located in Malta is a small fishing village surrounded by sea and known worldwide for its fishing market. Countless colored boats add to the already scenic setting and provide a unique feel to the town. The villagers live and breathe sea and fishing is a huge part of their everyday lives. Wander around the traditional village roads to uncover its secrets.

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Oia, Greece

Possibly the most well-known place on the Greek island of Santorini, Oia is a traditional village situated on the cliffs of Santorini. Oia is famous worldwide for the blue-colored rooftops and the whitewashed walls of all its buildings. The small town provides an outstanding view that offers sea, a volcanic crater, the Santorini caldera, and the most beautiful sunsets.

Get a feel of the village by strolling around the narrow streets, visit interesting small churches, observe the windmills in the distance and experience the hospitality of the locals. 

Júzcar, Spain

If you ever want to visit Spain consider passing by the small town of Júzcar in Andalusia. This amazing Spanish village was known for years as “pueblo blanco”, the white town referring to the look of the village as its walls were all painted in white. 

But, in 2011 after an agreement with Sony for Júzcar to become the Smurf Village for the Smurfs movie, the whole village was painted blue! That gave a unique and extraordinary feel to the small town. After the film shooting ended the locals decided to keep that blue color and not to repaint all the walls back to white.

Júzcar remains the same but now has a distinctive look that differs from any town or city around the world. The small town attracts even more travelers than before and is a great destination if you are in the area.

Giethoorn, Netherlands

Giethoorn, a stunning village in the heart of The Netherlands. This small village seems like a forest as it is surrounded by big trees (part of a big National Park) and wherever you look you see green!

You cannot drive through this village because it doesn’t have streets, but you can ride a boat on the numerous canals which cross the whole village as well as walk on foot going from bridge to bridge. The village provides breathtaking views and is often described as a small version of Venice.

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Bibury, England

Bibury, a small town located in the center of England along the stream of the river Coln in the region of Gloucestershire. The beautiful village is believed to have been built in the 16th century with reports for the 17th century as well, so it has its own history.

The little town is full of stone cottages which all share the same traditional English look. The place is offering great landscapes for photos that you will stick with you for a lifetime.

Alberobello, Italy

Situated in Southeastern Italy, Alberobello is a little town most known for its unique style of beehive-shaped houses. Most of the building’s roofs have this conical style to them similar to a trullo. The roofs are most of the time colored white giving the feel of snow on top of the buildings. Take a look around, explore the village, and taste some delicious Italian food!

Göreme, Turkey

Göreme, a small town in the region of Cappadocia, Turkey continues to drive travelers from all over the world due to its stunning setting. The village’s rock buildings are shaped in a weird conical formation giving this unique view to tourists.

If you are visiting Göreme stay in one of the famous cave hotels in the area. Walk through the town to uncover its secrets that go way back in the centuries. Also, stop by the Göreme Open-Air Museum which features artifacts from the Byzantine era.